snail mail

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any mail that is physically delivered by the postal service

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All the business people I know read their e-mail and wishes their snail mail would disappear.
Also, try for a phone number (or an e-mail or snail mail address for your mailing list) and try to make an appointment to get the caller into your store.
Although it's cheaper and faster than snail mail and virtually all executives have an email address, it's rarely used.
Except for the monthly bills, I have probably received one or two letters via snail mail in my whole life.
NEW Horizons may be the fastest spacecraft to cross the solar system but it relies on snail mail to get its pictures and data back to Earth.
It's past midnight and the city is at rest The Huyton poet is up in the attic in his underpants and vest He is typing his poem to our lovely Linda Mac Who is waitng to go home in her coat and slacks The poet from Huyton is like a wartime spy in his comrade's abode The Gestapo are outside with their van on some nearby road It's getty late and the light is dimHe's there with his cocoa wishing it was gin Linda's getting impatient and starts to lower the light If he doesn't send his poem soon he'll have to wait 'til tomorrow night Snail mail poets are the best They only post their poems Linda when the whole world has had some rest.
Summary: DUBAI - Come 2013, residents living in villas across the emirates will have their snail mail delivered straight at their doorstep, as part of Emirates Post Group Holding's plan to improve and expand the nation's postal services.
Email, fax, voicemail, and good old reliable snail mail should all be a part of your multi-channel marketing approach.
Before settling into my post holiday routine I cannot relax until I've taken care of our snail mail.
The term snail mail has now taken on a whole new meaning
Anyone wishing to contact me can either write via snail mail to: Beth Barton, 843 MC6047, Yellville, AR 72687 or e-mail at; bethkingsridge@yahoo.
As a reader you may not notice the difference; your favorite columnists will still be here on the pages with writers and photographers you recognize, many of the staff will still produce your favorite magazine of worldwide dance matters, and I will still welcome your suggestions and complaints by electronic or snail mail.
About 60 percent of the weeklies are faxed, while only about 18 percent of the monthlies go by e-mail instead of snail mail.
Are you tired of waiting for information via snail mail, client drop-off or courier deliveries?
Comments may be submitted by April 7, 2000, by e-mailing via SM Online or sending snail mail to U.