snail's pace

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a very slow rate of speed


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The chief minister revealed that he was unhappy during the CPEC-related briefing where he noticed that some projects were progressing at a snail's pace, while other schemes were yet to be started.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 13 (ANI): The passengers of the Delhi blue line metro service today faced a technical snag as the line that connects Noida and Vaishali to Dwarka ran at a snail's pace around 5 p.
On March 1, traffic came to a standstill in Pretoria, South Africa, when contracted coal truck transporters were moving at a snail's pace in an effort to get a reaction from the government regarding Eskom's intention to use more renewable energy, ESI Africa reported.
Midwinter Mood I FOUND it hard to rise that day The wind was howling, skies were grey And so I had a little moan I do hate winter and being alone I did the chores with little grace And working at a snail's pace I swept and dusted, made the bed "Oh lord I do feel tired" I said For a change of scene I went outside The garden was a mess And then my heart began to sing I noticed signs of early spring The wind died down to a gentle breeze And tugged my hair as if to tease "Count your blessings" it seemed to say And gathering strength it roared away, No longer feeling full of woe Ashamed that I had lost my mettle I brought the milk and filled the kettle I really must not grouse I have my warm and cosy house Life could be so much worse I made some tea Then wrote this verse.
She said: "The full-time gender pay gap is closing at a snail's pace.
Jamaat-e-Islami leader Sahibzada Tariq said that the matter was moving ahead at a snail's pace.
SENATOR Jose Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada expressed his frustration over the snail's pace proceedings of his bail petition as the court again postponed its scheduled hearing this Monday.
But the house sale is still inching along at snail's pace.
The snail's pace of Sir John Chilcot's inquiry means that when it is finally published the report will read like ancient history.
Smoke covered the skies of most of the emirates roads and traffic, slowed down to a snail's pace as most roads were cordoned off to allow fire fighters easy access to the blaze.
Summary: Cairo: The slow-motion retrial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dragged on at snail's pace .
Despite the cuts to benefits and services, George Osborne is still only managing to reduce the deficit at a snail's pace.
The case of the deaths of the three men at the Kahrizak detention center is now more than three years old and is proceeding at a snail's pace.
In fact business is going at a snail's pace when restaurant inspector Fernando Peire calls.
More than a century ago, gangs of burly men would lay railroad ties at a snail's pace, driving them in with sledgehammers.