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food for light meals or for eating between meals

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Innovation is just starting to take hold in the frozen dessert category and there's no better way to shake up the freezer door than with an iconic and trusted brand such as Pillsbury," said Alissa Davis, Director of Marketing for J&J Snack Foods.
During the two-year period ending March 2012, fresh fruit was consumed as a snack in 10 more snack occasions a year than chocolate, the next top snack food, and 25 more occasions a year than potato chips, the third most popular snack food.
But the subjects in the reduced-variety group showed a decreased sense of pleasantness in response to their chosen snack food over time, compared with other snack foods given to them by researchers at the end of the study (-17.
PepsiCo is acquiring Saudi Arabia's leading salty snack maker, Tasali Snack Foods.
We realized kids are the main purchasers of snack foods, and we decided to do something that they could relate to.
Impressed, Moscow began importing boatloads of the tasty nuts and made them an officially endorsed snack food in the USSR's anti-alcoholism campaign.
Furthermore, an emerging trend in the global snack food market is the evolution of fruit snacks and nuts, as consumers become increasingly aware of the health benefits of snacks.
The Snack Food Association shares the USDA's concern with childhood obesity and actively supports the consumption of snack foods as part of a well-balanced diet," said Jim McCarthy, President and CEO of SFA.
Snack Food Market," by Business Trend Analysts (BTA), a market research firm based in Commack, New York.
This book has two objectives: to provide new entrants with an introduction to the snack foods industry and its terminology, and to explain the technical interrelationships between the many materials and processes used in making the finished snack food.
What theater owners absolutely love about a snack food is its bottom line.
However, almost as if to prove that no good intention goes unpunished, February is also National Snack Food Month.
agricultural exports are projected to drop overall next year, snack food exports boomed 30 percent the first six months of 1996, according to the U.
Following his own introductory chapter, the others have been entitled: Ingredients - their attributes and functions; Bread, pastry and cakes; Cookies, crackers and other flour confectionery; Chocolate confectionery; Sugar confectionery; Extruded snacks; Pickles, sauces and dips; Snack foods of dairy origin; Fish snacks and shellfish snacks; Meat-based snacks; Fruit-based snacks including dried and candied; Nuts; Potato-based textured snacks; Health food snacks; Refrigeration and snack food; Nutritional implications; Packaging for preservation of snack food; and Plant and equipment related to snack food manufacturing operations.
com/research/d1174d/snapshots_japan_sn) has announced the addition of the "Snapshots Japan Snack Food 2008" report to their offering.