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usually inexpensive bar

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But Michael Halverson, vice president of sales with Schulze & Burch, Chicago, notes that the breakfast and snack bar category, when compared to other categories, is one of the weakest in terms of store brand volume.
Lawyers for Sir Lindsay claimed the chip stall and snack bar was "built without permission and operated in complete illegality" for eight years.
Its Rice Krispie and Frosties Snack Bars also scored high in both sugar and fat categories.
The routine inspection by Environmental Health revealed an "imminent risk to health" at the snack bar, which has since re-opened and been given a satisfactory bill of health.
NEW YORK -- There's no shortage of healthy choices when it comes to snack bars, as evidenced by some recent product introductions.
treat for here rie treat for here ap a i Can your local roadside snack bar top the "Big Boy"?
The snack bar contained crispy jasmine rice at 25% levels, 15% fried small anchovy, 10% peanut and 50% binders.
The expansion announcement comes only 1 month after FLEXNEWS reported on ConAgra's acquisition of Elan Nutrition from Sun Capital Partners and its plans to grow its private label snack bar business.
A CRASH on the A55 involving a mobile snack bar caused massive tailbacks after both lanes were closed at Rhuallt Hill.
WORKING at a roadside snack bar was a recipe for trouble for a Tyneside woman.
Frozen wraps and three flavors of new Snack Bar Delights join the line of more than 50 South Beach Diet Foods.
As both boys stood in line at the snack bar, Rourke teased Harris about losing a game and pushed him, witnesses said at the time.
General Mills UK has breathed fresh life into the snack bar category with the notional roll-out of its range of Nature Volley crunchy granola bars.
The campus bookstore is now housed in the building, and the expanded snack bar looks like a planned space.
in 2003 sales figures skyrocketed to approximately $600 million, making energy bars the fastest growing segment of the snack bar industry.