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an excessive feeling of self-satisfaction

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I felt that little seed of smugness arise, and I knew it was time to return to some of those ancient teachings for a good ego cleanse.
URGH, the indefensible smugness of Iain Duncan Smith.
Aided by crowding behind I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, but smugness soon turned to worry as it was clear as early as the third bend that he was in trouble.
For instance: "Christ alone should not lead to smugness on our part, as if Christians of a certain sort have exclusive access to the mind of God.
The sheer smugness of the president has become his undoing.
Some of Stella's recent ad run has been smothered in its own smugness, but this whips out enough wit and whimsy to offset the whiff of way too much Gallic cologne.
The first thing the Tories should have done, last May, was to insist that every NHS department, right down to individual wards, were given the opportunity to establish their own unique personalities, their own family tree and their own identity (uniform), so that its staff knows exactly who they are responsible to, and never say "I work for the NHS" but announce with pride the health area they work in, and following our treatment we announce with satisfaction and with some smugness "we were treated in .
SUNDAY Top Gear BBC2, 8pm The smugness level goes off the scale as TV's favourite presenting trio return to show off in fast cars.
Free of some of the smugness that hinders other news satire shows, Howard's flights of fancy often lampoon serious news with hilarious effect.
Garrison, and others, the "South Park Guide To Life" provides an iconoclastic philosophy such as Kyle's observation "Hybrid cares don't cause smugness.
This isn't just smugness, this is Piers' super smugness.
But his smugness has always been a weakness and there is a danger his success might fuel his self-belief.
Trevor-Roper led a rather charmed life, had a good war and was lucky: this led to a certain smugness and self-complacency.
Waara, another steady musical-theater presence in the Southland, could have tapped Vernon's smugness and insecurity more effectively.
We hope that you will take essays and students like them at face value, and try to avoid cynicism or smugness in reading them.