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Synonyms for smuggled

distributed or sold illicitly

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Body number four, under dreary pretences of being droll (when it was very melancholy indeed), made the shallowest pretences of concealing pitfalls of knowledge, into which it was the duty of these babies to be smuggled and inveigled.
Still, as in a dream, Bella found herself entering a snug old- fashioned public-house, and found herself smuggled into a little three-cornered room nearly opposite the bar of that establishment.
He collected the rents of whole colonies of filthy streets and alleys by the waterside, advanced money to the seamen and petty officers of merchant vessels, had a share in the ventures of divers mates of East Indiamen, smoked his smuggled cigars under the very nose of the Custom House, and made appointments on 'Change with men in glazed hats and round jackets pretty well every day.
Smuggled goods through the neighbour countries' borders of and the Afghan Transit Trade form a chunk of informal economy volume of which ranges between 50 to 60 percent of formal economy.
Some estimates hold that more than one-third of all the cigarettes consumed in Iran are smuggled into the country and sold to Iranians who believe that foreign brands are higher quality than Iranian brands.
Penalties for persons found guilty as principal in agricultural smuggling as economic sabotage shall be reclusion perpetua; a fine twice the fair value of the smuggled agricultural product, or fine equal to the aggregate amount of the taxes, duties and other charges avoided, whichever is higher; confiscation of the smuggled agricultural product; cancellation and revocation of business license, import permits and other pertinent documents for importation; forfeiture of property used in agricultural smuggling, consistent with Section 2530 of the Tariff and Customs Code and without prejudice to Section 2531 of the same Code; and perpetual absolute disqualification to engage in any business of importation.
Last year, he was jailed for 21 months after admitting conspiring to deal in smuggled goods and evade duty tax.
He smuggled 161 pills of the banned painkiller Tramadol along with phones to an Emirati inmate, 48, after accepting a bribe worth Dhs6,600.
They were being smuggled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Officials statistic said that cost of one 40- feet imported container of fabric is 9,05,0000 while the cost of 40-feet smuggled container of the same container is 8,720,310 rupees, the difference is 330,690 rupees.
It was revealed that during the past 15 months as many as 165 women have been smuggled to Dubai from different areas of Dera Ghazi Khan for the purpose of club dance and night functions.
He added that anti-trafficking operations showed that tobacco products were smuggled through different routes, including ports and border-crossing points.
Dubai: A visitor claimed in court on Monday that he was not aware of the nature of the contents of 62 capsules that he smuggled in his intestines when he came to Dubai.
Buying and selling of smuggled goods; fraudulent documents; corruption; transnational organized crime; and other crime are related to each other.
Further, the majority of consumers who buy smuggled goods are between the age group of 18 and 45, according to a study conducted by the Euromonitor Research Associate.