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Synonyms for smug

Synonyms for smug

marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction

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Such an app roach to classical studies, revealed in his lectures on Virgil, nonetheless made him vulnerable to charges of smug moralizing, the gist of Machiavelli's sallies against his colleague.
Before anyone gets smug about the centuries-old Western belief in one father per baby, Beckerman points out that microscope studies didn't confirm the idea for animals until 1879.
Number after number is unbearably slick, jokey, insular, and smug.
AS the increasingly smug Bear Grylls never tires of telling us, the contestants on his C4 survival nonsense The Island faced a massive struggle to make it through to the end.
I'm all for knocking that smug leader of morons Nigel Farage off his perch.
ON the law of averages, the smug Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, must get it right occasionally.
COMEDIAN Alexander Armstrong says he is not a fan of fellow quiz show host Jeremy Paxman - accusing the abrasive TV star of being smug.
Coady took responsibility from the spot and clinically dispatched it past Dawid Smug.
The Coventry City boss was furious with Bennett who he accused of being smug to his own players, while treating Guss Hiddink's men like friends.
Self-effacing as always (dug the ``All right, so I'm not winning director'' opening line), Clooney was gracious, though a tad smug.
Dear Editor, - So Ben Elton is infuriatingly smug (Post, Aug 16).
I PRESUME DT of Newcastle on Tuesday, March 23, was referring to Kathy Secker when bragging how easy it is to apply for Pension Credit, provided you are a smug 75-year-old who understands anything and everything.
Nonetheless, like so many New Urbanists, Kelbaugh shows a smug certainty that New Urbanist nostrums if adopted would not only stop sprawl, and create environmentally more sustainable cities, but also build the basis for a robust public life by overcoming urban, social and cultural fragmentation.
The glamorous Welsh actress and her American husband topped the list of smug stars who need taking down a peg or two.