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with barely repressed anger


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And that's before he starts to speak in that smoulderingly sexy Spanish accent.
BLACK is back when it comes to smoulderingly sexy eye make-up.
50) and mascara (pounds 15) creating a smoulderingly seductive look.
It all started when the oily owner of a private zoo reported that all of his animals, apart from his smoulderingly attractive wife, had done a runner.
That is until you examine this boyish- looking star and realise that 36-year-old Johnny could dress like a dustman and still be smoulderingly handsome.
SUPERSTAR Michael Douglas and his smoulderingly beautiful wife Catherine Zeta Jones really know all about the lifestyle of the very rich and famous.
WHEN Marie Helvin, still smoulderingly sensuous, unlined and wrinkle- free at 50, hands out beauty tips you know it must be the business.
Tomorrow night, in the presence of festival patron Princess Alexandra of Denmark, you can enjoy a menu of the lighter side of Danish music, including among its many offerings the world-famous tango Jealousy by Jacob Gade - yes, this smoulderingly Latin favourite was composed by a Dane.
But there's still something particularly virile about his music, something smoulderingly attractive about him, something that gets women around the world get out their smalls with the hope of making a big impression on the King of Cool.
Although he possesses smoulderingly good looks, Lee has no interest in being labelled a heart-throb.