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showing scarcely suppressed anger


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All about him was the debris of the feast, and he scented the smouldering odours of dying fires and burnt meat.
There's your whole happiness smouldering away, look
He could not take his eyes off the smouldering packet; but it appeared that something new had come to birth in his soul--as though he were vowing to himself that he would bear this trial.
The fire, choked between a couple of smouldering pieces of wood, had died down for the first few moments after the packet was thrown upon it.
With a grim, white face, he retraced his steps to where he had dropped the food, and having stirred up the smouldering fire, he cooked enough to last him for a few days.
Fire burst from its open mouth, its eyes glowed with a smouldering glare, its muzzle and hackles and dewlap were outlined in flickering flame.
My last glance showed me the unconscious Summerlee, most futile of sentinels, still nodding away like a queer mechanical toy in front of the smouldering fire.
Our effects were scattered in wild confusion over the ground; my comrades had disappeared, and close to the smouldering ashes of our fire the grass was stained crimson with a hideous pool of blood.
The petitioners, represented by Advocate Zubair Ahmed Abro, challenged the dumping and disposal through open burning and smouldering of hazardous, hospital, industrial and municipal solid waste in Malir River at Korangi Causeway resulting in adverse environmental, security and health impacts on the residents of the area including the petitioners.
VANDALS struck at a Newcastle park over the weekend leaving a bench smouldering.
FIREFIGHTERS acted quickly to put out a fire smouldering on a train in Stockton.
FIREFIGHTERS had to clamber onto a factory roof after sparks from machinery were found smouldering in the roof beams.
Firefighters were called to the site of Keelman's Way, near Ryton Golf Club, in February 2015 after reports of smouldering.
A FIRE still smouldering almost a week after it began at a wood recycling facility in Newport is still posing a risk of reigniting, environmental bosses have said.
One end has a sponge applicator that gives soft mineral colour in a smouldering grey while the other has a highlighting peachy shade.