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Originally, HHS was going to require all SHOP exchanges to offer a smorgasbord option Jan.
291 pages in length, Smorgasbord of Indian Recipes: A Collection of Indian Dishes Most Popular in India and All Over The World is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Indian and South Asian regional and ethnic cooking category.
Savvy hosts Paula Haffner and Kipp Lightburn offers a fast-paced overview of the smorgasbord of options available, from musician to graphic designer, website developer, tv director, magazine publisher, hotel manager, clothing designers, special ed teacher, interior decorator and many more.
If you love female comedians like Ellen, don't miss the 9th Annual Funny Girlz: A Smorgasbord of Women Comedians on May 19.
Mild weather in January allowed schools of mackerel and herring to linger in the North Atlantic, and in turn dolphins and whales enjoyed an extended fish smorgasbord.
We'll likely need a smorgasbord of all these energy options to survive peak oil, so this book is an indispensable community tool.
There is a smorgasbord of activities to choose from, but it is up to you to help yourself.
Mojo calls the album ``a peerless smorgasbord of brain-bending sonic delicacies, food for thought and spiritual succor.
I've got everything - a total smorgasbord,' Senator Clinton said.
Artistic director Nancy Henderek haunts worldwide festivals, handpicking each piece to create her dance smorgasbord.
Once the birds--famished from their long journeys--finally reach the forest, they feast on a rich smorgasbord of insects and fruits that have sprung to life following a harsh northern winter.
Yet the more the victim's past is probed, the more reasons to kill him appear, and tracking down the killer amid a smorgasbord of likely suspects becomes an increasingly difficult task.
org), and a smorgasbord of conferences and tradeshows.
To see why, he and his colleagues offered the spiders a smorgasbord of prey and found that they readily attacked mosquitoes.