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  • verb

Synonyms for smoothen

make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing

become smooth

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This is a good example of public and private sectors partnerships designed to smoothen processes and maximize productivity.
This difference actually had created a communication gap of four days," he said, adding that the new decision would further smoothen business relations with other countries.
In English what this means is that the engine will blip the throttle itself during down-changes in order to smoothen out the shift action.
One of the new things that would back the law is that it envisaged a mechanism to set up a competent court to settle monopoly-related issues and disputes," she said, adding this particular mechanism would help smoothen the movement of local and imported products.
Tirso Serrano, Assistant General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, said: "We have been able to smoothen out the rough edges and the glitches that we have observed in the past simulation runs, and this has really brought us to a higher level of confidence.
Automakers are turning to ultracapacitors for solutions that optimize efficiency, ensure reliable cold starting, better manage power flows, stiffen and smoothen the power distribution network and provide fail-safe backup for critical safety systems," said Miller.
Bush to smoothen the two countries' testy relationship.
Fitness personality, Vanna Belt, created the all-natural Gel-V lotion in 2013 to help smoothen, hydrate skin on problematic areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks
I want to develop a new system to smoothen the logistics system in Bahrain and lessen the impact of Custom duties.
14 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian's step father Bruce Jenner has met with a plastic surgeon for a consultation for Laryngeal Shave - a procedure used to smoothen out the Adam's Apple.
Summary: The Department of Transport (DoT) has installed high-tech traffic signals at seven busy intersections in the capital that will help further smoothen traffic flow and avoid congestion.
Manama, Jun 24 (BNA) -- New land has been allocated and measures are in place to smoothen truck traffic along the King Fahad Causeway -- connecting Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, said the Spokesperson for the government and the Minister of State for Information Affairs Authority, Sameera Rajab, at the press conference on the weekly cabinet session.
This will smoothen the way for social welfare activities in these areas, moreover, will also help in conducting intensified polio drives and eradicate the disease from these areas," they said.
The commuters have demanded of authorities concerned to check these hazards to smoothen traffic flow and avoid accidents.
It will facilitate and smoothen pedestrian movement.