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Synonyms for smooth-tongued

characterized by ready but often insincere or superficial discourse

Synonyms for smooth-tongued

artfully persuasive in speech

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Tens of thousands of young people turned out on Cairo University's campus to hear the smooth-tongued Salafi cleric who doesn't disguise his contempt for the US and Israel and what he sees as Mubarak-style appeasement.
They are what shape political life in their nations far more enduringly than the smooth-tongued Tweeters and Facebookers - such as those in the Hazare movement - whose revolution, however evanescent, will always be televised.
The judges in that case said they were "obliged to protect the public interest from sophisticated, smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price--the sanctity of their bodies and souls.
And the smooth-tongued Lawrence Barker is terrific casting as the worthy Marc, so arrogant to presume his opinions are correct and yet so hurt by the actions of his friends.
The girls standing round your smooth-tongued mates are probably enjoying their free drinks and having a good laugh at the pathetic pulling-patter.
The smooth-tongued, smiling barman is a great asset to the Rovers Return and it will be a duller pub without him.
A retreat to the woods for training before a title bout raises the stakes, even as Tommy gets pressure from powerful, smooth-tongued fight promoter Bob Silver (Paul Raci) to sign with him and leave Marty.
It was all the fault of the smooth-tongued Ahmad Chalabi, now fallen from grace and stigmatized as a cat's-paw of Iranian intelligence.
Their southerners are nearly all white and dim-witted (John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson spend the entire film with their eyes bulging idiotically from their sockets and their jaws hanging open, the better to catch flies) or white and slippery (George Clooney brings a Clark Gable-ish elan and mustache to the role of the de facto leader of the three runaways, a smooth-tongued con man, while Charles Durning and John Goodman throw themselves gamely into the pop-up-book parts of a fat, good-ol'-boy politician and a fat, evil Bible salesman, respectively).
POLICE in Chile are hunting a smooth-tongued conman who is selling bottles of mud, claiming buyers will be as "smart as Einstein" if they smear it on their heads.
All of Grisham's familiar villains are back, the people America loves to hate, the slick, smooth-tongued lawyers and the forked-tongued insurance companies.
The smooth-tongued ex-RAF Flight Sergeant asked if he could borrow the paper to read about his beloved team's efforts that day.
Here in the UK we're better informed by discovering the real views and actions of smooth-tongued politicians and military commanders instead of half-truths.
en are back - from the smooth-tongued g executive in ama Mad Men, to troversial comedian ment in men's fashion bowler hat towards English gentleman day twist.
The court is obliged to protect the public interest from sophisticated, smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price - the sanctity of their bodies and souls," said one of the three judges on the case and, in so doing, set a dangerous precedent.