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Synonyms for smooching

affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)

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Ma Simpson Marge locks lips with another lady when Homer had a dream his blue-bouffanted wife was smooching a female friend.
They were spotted smooching on the Caribbean island of St Barts over the festive period, but a friend of the singer denied she was engaged.
It was a stunningly executed piece--replete with the hottest guy-guy smooching ever seen on basic cable--that resonated not only with GLBTs but also with the hetero MTV generation, whose impassioned embrace of the clip made it a prominent fixture on the network's teen-focused Total Request Live program.
College students may be all too knowledgable about sex, but they have a lot to learn about planting a proper kiss, according to a self-proclaimed smooching expert.
She was seen smooching with her boyfriend at a Liverpool club.
Smooching George Clooney in the 'Leatherheads' was troublesome for Zellweger.
French, 50, rated George Clooney's smooching skills as "bold" and "unashamed".
TV beauty Billie Piper and new man, actor Laurence Fox, have been smooching for all to see in Wimbledon.
Some of you may recall my December 1997 column, in which I predicted that, coming after the year that brought us Ellen and Tom Selleck smooching Kevin Kline (thank God for rewind buttons
The action was brought on when an Italian gossip mag published photos of the great man and his secretary smooching.
The year when EastEnders' Frank Butcher came back from the 'dead' in 1995 came fourth and Brookside's Beth Jordache smooching with Margaret Clemence in 1993 rounded off the top five.
with accompanying photos of him smooching his new love, singer Cerys Matthews.
My spies have spotted the pair holding hands and smooching non-stop at restaurants in Liverpool.
You know, I forgot where I left my keys this morning, but I'll always recall the sight of Michael and Lisa Marie smooching on the MTV Video Music Awards.
Cory immediately offered his smooching services and applied some lip balm.