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with barely repressed anger

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He was new, he was charismatic, and with his high Tatar cheekbones and half-amused, half-insolent look with smolderingly soulful eyes, he had that style cameras love and people notice.
Srivastava is smolderingly effective in his trio of turns as Pete, John and Neil, suggesting a restless unhappiness at the core of his multiple characters.
Much of the action takes place in the peeling hovel he shares with Lauritia (Marcelia Cartaxo), a prostitute upon whose toddler daughter he dotes, and Taboo (Flavio Bauraqui), another gay man who is as sissified as dos Santos is smolderingly tough - and who the stronger personality regularly abuses.
Perpetually boyish in looks but able to embrace roles ranging from smolderingly intense to breezily comedic, prudishly proper to teasingly salacious, Cheung was best known to gay U.
On the other side of the coin, the strong, silent, tortured heroes who wear those suits still make our toes curl--witness the Darcy-mania that overtook us all when Colin Firth portrayed him so smolderingly well.