smoky quartz

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a smoky yellow or brown quartz


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The striking blue tones of the blue topaz and the autumnal brown hue of the smoky quartz in the new "Breeze" collection create distinctive jewelry pieces for the autumn and winter months and beyond.
Pictured above is the smoky quartz mirror FAIRYTALE: Lily Collins as Snow White in the recent movie Mirror Mirror, left, and the chalice style cup, Silver Snow Hurricane, below * Visit www.
The 35-piece collection would range in price from 30 to 200 dollars, and features semi-precious stones such as smoky quartz and opal.
The smoky quartz seen in the diamond core is alteration resulting from intense irradiation from high-grade uranium mineralisation, and serves as an indicator of such when diamond core or RC chip samples are geologically logged.
Traditionally, the central stone was a cairngorm, a yellowish variety of smoky quartz, but this came to be replaced by Brazilian quartz or even, as here, by glass.
Ladjili Jewelry specializes in necklaces and earrings made with natural stones and gold accents -- and the designer incorporates rainbow moonstones, blue topaz, smoky quartz, tourmaline and other semi-precious stones in her hand-crafted designs.
Metal-mounted smoky quartz gem-set desk-seal: pounds 1,500
The firefighters are really doing a good job,' said Mr Good, who mines smoky quartz and crystals at the Dreamtime Mine.
Smoky Quartz silver ring and bracelet; red ostrich jewellery box; silver heart ring.
Near the hotel site, preserved in the earth's strata, an ancient wigwam site contalned large quantities of smoky quartz.
In twelfth-century China, judges hid their eyes behind glasses of smoky quartz.
1) Smokey Quartz Rings: Smoky Quartz jewelry has recently been making inroads with dark harmonic looks and sophisticated chocolate colors.
The cairngorm is a smoky quartz gemstone weighing nearly 22kg - the largest of its kind in the world - and recently displayed to mark the launch of the castle's latest exhibition.
Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in Smoky Quartz, PS18 This double–ended wand works like magic.
It can also be combined with Hematite and Smoky Quartz to hasten the process of healing.