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a small house where smoke is used to cure meat or fish


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Mighty Quinn's American dishes are prepared in 'The Lil Beast', an old school conventional smoker that that the smokehouse is known for.
htm) first of the two notices belonged to Smokehouse, specifically its "Beefy Munchies" dog treats.
The exclusive partnership with Waitrose not only widens John Ross Jr's product portfolio within one of the UK's most respected and much-loved retail brands, but also builds on the success the smokehouse has had with Waitrose over the last 10 years.
The popular smokehouse already has restaurants in six different parts of the country including Chester, Wirral, North Wales and the Midlands.
WHAT'S ON AND WHEN | JULY 28 - The Shawshank Redemption + Rub Smokehouse | JULY 29 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail + Rub Smokehouse | AUG 4 - The Goonies + DDC Street Food AUG 5 - Pulp Fiction + DDC Street Food AUG 10 - Ratatouille + Baked in Brick AUG 11 - The Italian Job 1969 + Baked in Brick AUG 12 - Edward Scissorhands + DDC Street Food AUG 18 - Special event - details to be confirmed AUG 19 - Stand By Me + DDC Street Food + Pietanic AUG 20 - Special Event via Flatpack Film Festival - Regency Wharf's Gateway to India - details tbc AUG 25 - The Big Lebowski + Original Patty Men AUG 26 - Withnail and I + Original Patty Men | SEPT 1 - Moonrise Kingdom + DDC Street Food | SEPT 2 - Reservoir Dogs + DDC Street Food
HMP Haverigg is the only nick in the country with its own smokehouse.
The ultimate Man v Food encounter at Broad Street's Rub Smokehouse, an eatery that believes in big portions.
Western's Smokehouse has been awarded the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative Edition 7.
A confident Matthew Bowater took on the challenge at the Bourbon Smokehouse in Leamington Spa - which consists of a 72oz steak, 1lb of chips, two over roasted tomatoes, and smokehouse sauces - but he failed to finish it off.
More recently, the pub was pivotal in the success of barbecue food company Hangfire Smokehouse - which started out with a pop-up there.
My goal was to construct a smokehouse with a lot more room than the smaller ones you can buy from big-box stores.
Les Specialites Prodal, a processed meats manufacturer based in Canada, has acquired North Country Smokehouse of Claremont, one of the most high-profile food companies in New Hampshire.