smoked herring

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a dried and smoked herring having a reddish color


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Food manufacturers, processors and retailers supplying to and/or selling Katsuobushi and smoked herring products within the EU must verify that their products comply with the new regulation.
Shoppers are seen filing their trolleys with boxes of eggs, packs of salted mullets, smoked herrings, lemons, green peppers and onions.
Work after work repeats this Pavlovian exercise with furniture, mattresses, cigarettes, smoked herring, fruit, fluorescent lights, and beer cans.
It has been determined that your profits on smoked herring could be higher.
Recommended items: Kaiseki multicourse meal, variety of sushi, ``ohmygod'' sushi roll, garlic and sesame seared tuna sashimi, spicy scallop hand roll (preferably with soybean paper), wild duck (kamo) hot soba, zaru cold soba, smoked herring sushi, tempura.
I piled my plate with smoked salmon, rollmop and smoked herring and a selection of salads form the Hors d'Ouvres Island.
In my relatively short lifetime I have seen the smoked herring industry disappear.
The smoked herring of England was traded throughout central Europe.
Away from San Diego, widely available smoked fish include salmon and Alaskan cod (sable or butterfish), as well as canned smoked herring.
A HUGE meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne led to the king eating himself to death in 1771.
Also produced is smoked herring with lime pate with black pepper and chives, and smoked mackerel with orange and chilli.
I'll be making lots of these traditional sorts of Danish dishes - smoked herring and salmon and pickled fish, meat and vegetables.
Japanese-style smoked herring, glazed dark and slightly crunchy, and handsome halves of pink shrimp stuffed with a cooked quail egg flanked a piece of sculptured daikon radish topped with sweet miso paste.
There's also a heady blend of smoked herring and spices called Solomon Grundy which can either be spread on toast or used in sauces.