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greyish-green shrub of desert regions of southwestern United States and Mexico having sparse foliage and terminal spikes of bluish violet flowers

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Forsythia and red-twig dogwood both need more pruning than witch hazel or smokebush.
One example of a clonally produced plant is Royal Purple smokebush, (Cotinus coggygria `Royal Purple').
Smokebush (Cotinus coggygria)--the cultivar `Royal Purple' has velvety dark-purple foliage and panicles of beige flowers in midsummer.
Acer griseum', the paperbark maple, is relatively slow-growing and will reach 30ft; Dig the hole before you buy; `Cotinus coggygria', or smokebush, grows to a height of about 20ft and therefore presents no problem for small gardens; BARE-ROOTED trees are the cheapest and best to plant, but should be ordered now for planting in November/December.
In Australia, a case in point is the Western Australia smokebush, which has been used for medicinal purposes by Aboriginal people and whose active ingredient--concurvane--is now being examined for use against HIV.
Lavender Pinocchio' and 'Blueberry Hill' backed with bronze fennel or purple smokebush (Cotinus coggygria) and fronted with a wide ruffle of Geranium himalayense 'Baby Blue'.
The common Smokebush was introduced into this country from China in 1656 but except for its use in historic properties, the Smokebush saw limited use.
Give a smokebush some room to display its rich burgundy foliage against autumn oranges and you won't go far wrong.
Cotinus coggygria--Smoketree, Wig-Tree, Smokebush *