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Not only have we declared all public places smoke-free in the federal capital but with the passage of time we also declared public transport smoke-free.
iA who won the recognition in the Smoke-Free celebrity category.
Owners of these establishments, however, are free to adopt smoke-free policies.
Airports were defined as having a smoke-free policy if they completely prohibited smoking in all indoor areas.
So how does a surgical center or hospital achieve a smoke-free surgical environment?
A one day orientation session was arranged at NBF in collaboration with CA and DD as a part of its ongoing Tobacco Smoke-Free Zone campaign the other day.
26, signed by President Duterte on May 16 mandates the designation of smoke-free public and enclosed places nationwide.
The Iloilo City government shared its anti-smoking efforts before government executives and advocates of smoke-free environment after presenting in Thailand.
The NH Housing Finance Authority has ruled that all future units built using the state's Low Income Housing Tax Credit will be required to be 100 percent smoke-free.
This report updates a previous CDC report that evaluated state smoke-free laws in effect from 2000-2010 (3), and estimates the proportion of the population protected by comprehensive smoke-free laws.
Currently only 16 percent of the world's population is covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws, and 40 percent of children worldwide are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.
Vivek Murthy have announced a plan to make the nation's public housing properties entirely smoke-free.
BRIGHTON beach could become smoke-free under plans to be considered today The proposal to extend the current smoking ban in pubs, cafes and shopping centres to outdoor public areas will be discussed by Brighton and Hove City Council as it meets to decide whether public consultation should go ahead.
West Virginia reported the lowest rate of smoke-free households that had at least one adult smoker, with only 27.