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NOLA residents recognize the benefits of a smoke-free environment, saying that smoke-free bars and casinos are healthier and more enjoyable.
Early this year, Maricopa County, Arizona's largest county, partnered with the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) to launch a smoke-free program for the multifamily housing sector.
Brighton Council already has a voluntary ban on smoking in children's play areas, but now the city's parks and beaches could be smoke-free too.
Also in the letter, Benjamin noted that APHA's Annual Meeting is always held in cities with a 100 percent smoke-free policy.
Goal 1 Decrease Arizonan s exposure to secondhand smoke in their homes by increasing access to smoke-free multi-unit housing options.
The national rate of smoke-free households with at least one adult smoker was 46.
The current Smoke-free Environment policy of Corrective Services NSW allows smoking in prisoners' cells, which fails to recognise that prison cells are workplaces that often need to be accessed by prison staff and can be occupied by both smokers and nonsmokers at the same time.
The registry was created by the Boston Public Health Commission, which is providing technical assistance to property owners who need help transitioning their properties to smoke-free.
residents after a smoke-free ordinance took effect.
Health professionals, as well as business and city leaders in Oklahoma, want to pass smoke-free workplace laws.
The study, titled "The Adoption of Smoke-Free Hospital Campuses in the United States," projects that a majority of hospitals in the U.
Your brief Stateline item claiming that smoke-free policies drive down charity bingo profits ("Charity Profits Up in Smoke," July/August issue) is misleading.
The smoke-free policies implemented by the Dubai Health Authority will reduce passive smoke levels in public areas, improving community health and reducing demands on our health care system say local health professionals.
Today, nearly 570 local municipalities and 21 states plus the District of Columbia have enacted 100% smoke-free laws in workplaces.
Dr John Pierce, from the University of California and Dr MariaLeon, from the International Agency for Cancer Research's tobacco and cancer team, assessed 11 proposals relating to effects of smoke-free policies and graded them into three categories.