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The portable camera will be able to provide crisp images of smoke-filled rooms and other places where no light exists.
AN elderly couple were rescued from their smoke-filled house by fire fighters and paramedics in Stafford.
The officers demonstrated bravery and professionalism in going into the smoke-filled flat to ensure the safety of the public.
It had been in a smoke-filled environment and if a human being had been in there we would have given oxygen therapy, and animals are no different to us.
On arrival, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus found the woman - who was aged in her mid-30s - in the smoke-filled hallway of the property.
My feeling is that no instructor should be allowed to smoke in the car when people are paying for lessons, nor should taxi-drivers when carrying passengers, because people will be getting into a smoke-filled vehicle.
It is tempting to ask if this award was presented in a smoke-filled room, but it was actually folks like political consultant Joe Cerrell who helped bring the election process out into the open rather than leaving choices up to political bosses.
And the painters' masks "to endure the smoke-filled atmosphere of a Mid-Eestern bazaar.
Immediately, the troopers requested dispatch of local fire and police personnel and began evacuating the hotel occupants, making their way through smoke-filled corridors to help approximately 275 guests to safety.
Friends said it seemed probable that the years he spent curing smokers in smoke-filled sessions at his clinics must have contributed to the illness.
A device invented to clean dust and microorganisms from the air of poultry houses may also help people escape during fires and make it easier for firefighters to locate people in smoke-filled rooms.
She located him in the smoke-filled house, wrapped him in a blanket, and carried him safely outside.
The Long Ride Home is the true-life story of a Minneapolis soul singer making his living in gigs from smoke-filled bars to Twin Cities clubs to gigantic outdoors festivals.
11, 2001, most of the stairwell lights remained on, but several survivors relied on photoluminescent markings to get down from the 84th floor and through a darkened, smoke-filled area.
Mr Ellery commended the bravery of Dr Peter Jones, senior house officer, and hospital night porter Steve Lancaster who both repeatedly went into the smoke-filled room to to pull Mrs Wilson to safety.