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Synonyms for smoke-cured

(used especially of meats and fish) dried and cured by hanging in wood smoke

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Yes, Sumasai had several hidden ashore, in good condition, sun-dried, and smoke-cured.
Analysis of volatile compounds in traditional smoke-cured bacon (CSCB) with different fiber coatings using SPME.
Besides the reindeer dogs, he offers beef, Polish, Italian sausage, Louisiana hotlinks, bratwurst and chicken linguica, a type of smoke-cured sausage.
Lifestyle Foods' healthy high-end sandwich line is launching with four varieties: grilled chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, smoke-cured ham, and vegetarian grilled veggies and hummus, all on whole grain ciabatta bread and containing just 310 to 440 calories per portion.
Just 15 miles from Dundee, the town is famous for its Arbroath Smokie - line-caught haddock, smoke-cured over burning hardwood - which is still made in smokehouses around the harbour.