smoke grenade

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a bomb that gives off thick smoke when it explodes


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WEAPON: Stephen Menagh was jailed after police found a smoke grenade, right, at his home
The document accused Harris of "willfully or recklessly transporting a smoke grenade in his checked luggage on a flight from Kansai, Japan, via Incheon, Korea, to LAX.
Cooled thermal camera, laser rangefinder, stabilisation, ballistic protection, smoke grenade launchers, autoscan and autotracking are available options.
The M18 red smoke grenade is in the earlier stages of development and possesses additional challenges to the replacement effort.
Why would a smoke grenade have '10 Sec Fragmentation' printed on the tube?
All combat vehicle systems are equipped with smoke grenade launchers for rapid obscuration, but smoke grenades do not prevent detection.
Tenders are invited for Ote: Qty 6257 Sets: Set Of 14 Components ( 81 Mm Smoke Grenade Empty Components) With Disc Perforated & Delay Element(Details As Per Enclosedlist.
Five more Villa supporters were arrested when they were caught letting off a smoke grenade inside the ground, police confirmed on Twitter.
NEWS: Smoke grenade exploded under lad's seat: "What would have happened if it had hit him or gone off in his face?
62 mm General Purpose Machine Gun and smoke grenade launchers can also be fitted to Terrier for use in combat.
Mellis (above) was fired by Chelsea in March after letting off a smoke grenade, sparking a full evacuation of the Cobham training ground.
Former Chelsea youngster Jacob Mellis, who was infamously released by the UEFA Champions League winners after letting off a smoke grenade at their Cobham training ground in March, joined Keith Hill's men on a two-year deal on Tuesday, while today winger Jim O'Brien signed a contract extension of the same length.
England Under-19 midfielder Mellis - fired last month for letting off a smoke grenade at Chelsea's training ground - was taken to casualty with his girlfriend, who is thought to be of Latin descent.
M259, NSN 1055-01-107-7501, LIN L44748 Smoke grenade launchers in condition codes F or H should be sent to:
The alarm was raised when a construction worker found a Second World War smoke grenade in the back garden of a house in Church Street, Stockingford.