smoke grenade

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a bomb that gives off thick smoke when it explodes


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WEAPON: Stephen Menagh was jailed after police found a smoke grenade, right, at his home
West Midlands Police has adopted a zero tolerance policy against smoke grenades since a 15-yearold boy was taken to hospital with lung damage caused by a smoke bomb.
To improve self-protection the FLW200 has been fitted with Wegmann 76 mm smoke grenade launchers, while for training purposes the Agdus laser simulation system was integrated in both weapon stations.
The document accused Harris of "willfully or recklessly transporting a smoke grenade in his checked luggage on a flight from Kansai, Japan, via Incheon, Korea, to LAX.
Smoke grenade launchers in condition codes For H should be sent to:
The M18 red smoke grenade is in the earlier stages of development and possesses additional challenges to the replacement effort.
Scales (a former US Army Major General) recalls how in the Vietnam War battle of Hamburger Hill, officers departing the field by helicopter would toss a yellow smoke grenade as a symbolic gesture.
Gordy excitedly said, "My dad used to bring these home from the Guard all the time, it's a smoke grenade .
As well as the grenades, the officers also recovered a smoke grenade and thunder flash.
According to the IDF spokesman, 24 soldiers from one company of the Golani Brigade who were in the middle of a training exercise on Monday in the north of Israel, decided to rebel, quit the exercise, and returned to camp, where they threw a smoke grenade.
He is also alleged to have been in possession of a smoke grenade.
The local police broke up the brief tense fights, by using reportedly using smoke grenade.
A subsequent search showing he had a smoke grenade.
Medak For Dispatchof Gun Mounting For Bmp-Ii & Smoke Grenade Launcher (With& Without Tube) Through Private 03 Ton Open Truck.
22-caliber pistol, three Airsoft rifles, three silencers and a smoke grenade.