smoke alarm

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an alarm that is tripped off by fire or smoke

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One in five homes is still without a smoke alarm and many people who do have them fail to ensure they are working.
The First Alert models included the Smoke Alarm and Automatic Night Light for $19.
To reduce the risk for death or injury resulting from fires, a smoke alarm should be installed outside each sleeping area and on every habitable level of a home (6).
Some manufacturers now offer a service-free "disposable" smoke alarm with a built-in lithium battery, warranted for 10 years.
No home should be without a smoke alarm, and ionization alarms should continue to be used until a home can be equipped with photoelectric alarms.
The National Fire Protection Association reports that 71 percent of smoke alarms that fail to operate had missing, disconnected or dead batteries.
The new regulations will make it compulsory for all landlords to fit smoke alarms in rented homes.
SPRINGFIELD - The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers to install smoke alarms at no cost and to educate residents on fire safety in Springfield's 97477 ZIP code on Saturday.
For people who live in a multi-storey home or a larger property, a single smoke alarm is simply not enough.
You are at least four times more likely to die in a fire if you don't have a working smoke alarm, so taking the time to test the smoke alarms in your home could be a truly lifesaving decision.
Amanda Gallagher knows only too well how important this is, after her smoke alarm alerted her to a fire which started in her kitchen.
Everyone soon notices when a clock stops ticking, but it's not so easy to be sure that your smoke alarm is still in working order.
MORE than half of the fires in South Wales' homes over the past two years happened at properties without a smoke alarm, figures have revealed.
A FIRE union boss has demanded all homes have a working smoke alarm after the death of six people in blazes since Christmas.
The woman failed to hear her smoke alarm in her Wrexham home in the early hours of Saturday morning.