smoke alarm

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an alarm that is tripped off by fire or smoke

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Fit and maintain working smoke alarms - you should have one on each level of your home in hallways, and a smoke alarm in every living room.
The Ontario Fire Code requires a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas.
Complete report on smoke alarm (smoke detector) market spread across 178 pages, profiling 33 companies and supported with 232 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
Helen and George Borg, of Stanley Street West, North Shields, were asleep in bed when they were woken by the smoke alarm at about 12.
Between 2006/07 and 2013/14 there were 14 deaths where there was no smoke alarm in Tyne and Wear and 836 deaths in the UK as a whole.
SPRINGFIELD - The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers to install smoke alarms at no cost and to educate residents on fire safety in Springfield's 97477 ZIP code on Saturday.
For people who live in a multi-storey home or a larger property, a single smoke alarm is simply not enough.
You are at least four times more likely to die in a fire if you don't have a working smoke alarm, so taking the time to test the smoke alarms in your home could be a truly lifesaving decision.
The Gagne Smoke Alarm retains the full functionality of the conventional version of the product while offering much greater convenience when handling it.
Phoenix city ordinance G-5898-2014 specifies that a smoke alarm cannot remain in service longer than ten years from the date of manufacture.
Everyone soon notices when a clock stops ticking, but it's not so easy to be sure that your smoke alarm is still in working order.
OLD man owes his life to smoke alarms, after a chip pan burst into flames in his kitchen.
A smoke alarm is your early warning system, which will detect and alert you to a fire.
NO smoke alarm was fitted at two-fifths of properties where dwelling fires occurred during the past two years, new figures show.
Less than one-third of children ages 5-15 will wake up if a home smoke alarm sounds, according to a study published in the March issue of Fire and Materials.