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Synonyms for smoggy

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Words related to smoggy

clouded with a mixture of smoke and fog

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Concerned over the adverse impact of the smoggy haze on the local tourism industry, the government has allowed three private companies this year to help in stubble recycling.
The goal had been to evaluate the effect of age on how sensitive adult lungs were to ozone levels representative of a very smoggy day.
Ospreys fans are urged to take a bottle of clean Welsh air to smoggy London to help their side to victory later this month.
Smoggy Seattle and Denver steal California's ideas -- after ridiculing us for years.
One isn't sure if the backgrounds are photographs or color-field painting, or if the dark, cloudy sky reveals a stormy sunset, the smoggy glow of oil fires, or the aftermath of an apocalypse.
The Huygens probe parachuted through Titan's thick, smoggy atmosphere to reach the surface at about 11.
From Los Angeles to New York, smoggy skies still cloud your view.
Her Uncle Len died of a heart attack years after leaving Donora, on a smoggy day in Los Angeles in 1969.
A spokesman for Shell responded to Free Tibet's accusations by saying that the project would bring jobs and cash to some of China's poorest areas and help clean up smoggy coastal cities.
After all, a world full of people consuming at American levels would be a smoggy and difficult place to call home.
But the company's Web site did note that exposures would occur in four-hour stretches and would be at levels equivalent to those in Los Angeles on a smoggy day.
The pollution limits visibility; you can see the smoggy air for yourself thanks to real-time cameras at Acadia and Great Smoky Mountains (http.
Bush plays this to the hilt: fuzzy math meets smoggy air.
By 2030, according to World Watch magazine, scientists will be able to wean Iceland off smoggy coal and oil and convert to clean green hydrogen fuel cells powered by volcanic vents and waterfalls.