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embroidery consisting of ornamental needlework on a garment that is made by gathering the cloth tightly in stitches

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We stood in the door for another hour talking about smocking and the south and how smocking has become a lost art.
Prior to officially preparing to open Sweet Stitches, Canale and Summers have been busy teaching smocking and donating their expertise to several meaningful organizations.
Once Canale, Summers and Chitwood started the SAGA chapter and acquired more members, it became obvious that there was no where in Columbus where smocking products could be purchased.
Sweet Stitches sells high quality fabrics, trim, cotton lace, entredeaux and patterns and offers several smocking classes from "Beginning Smocking" to "Construction Class" in which participants learn to add emphasis to a collar, make perfect piping, or create pattern alterations.
3 -- color) ``We're All in the Same Boat'': acrylic, oil paint applique, embroidery and smocking on fabric; needlework by Jacquelyn Moore and Mary Ewanoski.
But now she has forgone other crafts she used to enjoy and loves to spend time smocking.
Smocking is a kind of surface embroidery done across pleats in a fabric - usually in a dress.
Smocking machines can do the pleating of the fabric, but the major work is almost always done by hand.
Many consider smocking a forgotten skill ``that our grandmothers or others of days past did,'' Koza said.
Friends directed her to the club, whose members do a lot of other sewing arts but concentrate on smocking.
Joining the Smocking Arts Guild of America, they found places that sold the proper material, took classes and developed their talent.
Three years ago, smocking was added to the heirloom sewing category at the Antelope Valley Fair.