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a smiler whose smile is offensively self-satisfied

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FASHION QUEENS Judges Fiona Ellis and Erin O'Connor SMIRKER Karen Matthews REVENGE Rebecca de Mornay WEIRD Alex has strange encounters BLACKMAILER Nick Cotton and Billy Peggy MAYBE BABY Jimmy
UNEQUALS Raworth and Rowlatt SMIRKER Karen Matthews NASTY COP, NASTY COP Michael Chiklis as Mackey WEIRD Alex has strange encounters UNEQUALS Raworth and Rowlatt BLACKMAILER Nick Cotton and Billy MAYBE BABY Jimmy MAYBE BABY Jimmy
The cycling smirker is riding solo, fronting the biggest bunch of nonentities and never-will-bes since the guests on Davina McCall's chat show.
The smirker who penned last year's right-wing Tory manifesto is, 10 months on, praising government as a force for good, apeing New Labour.
The 30-page record states that Mr Roddie owned a luxury Princess 45 motor cruiser called Smirker, worth between pounds 225,000 and pounds 350,000.
There have been many times when I've wanted to throw something at that smug, self-satisfied, insincere smirker.
The policy, which has existed for years but intensified in 2009, is designed to prevent crime by identifying suspicious behavior; skulkers, smirkers, smokers, and other shifty-looking folks attract a friendly greeting and a not-so-friendly pat-down by a representative of the New York Police Department (NYPD).
You get the gigglers and smirkers and for a disciplinarian like Perrin, whose English is not as good as that of Benitez or Mourinho, it can become a big problem.
A conclusion intended to close the lid on O'Hara's casket and send all those smirkers and scorners home chastened.
But most solitary commuters watch from the slow lanes, unable to see the blurred faces of the diamond-lane smirkers.
The smirkers, the smilers, the grinners, the laugh-out-louders and the outright cacklers all add to the welter of fun as feelgood comedy goes into freefall.