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small cold-water silvery fish

extract (metals) by heating

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The main focus was on the further development of the measurement technology to a sensory detection of the melting shaft, which means that in laboratory operation both the position of the residual material on the smelting link and its quantity can be precisely determined.
13 April 2017 - UK-based, South Africa-focused mining company Ironveld plc (LSE: IRON) has signed two non-binding memoranda of understanding with, inter alia, Siyanda Inkwali Smelting Services Ltd to acquire a 100% interest in Siyanda Smelting and Refining Ltd and 70% of Power Alt Ltd.
Hamish Bohannan, managing director for Gulf, commented, "Following the recent securing of a US$10 million cornerstone investment, Gulf now has the requisite financial flexibility to execute a number of near-term objectives in the development of the Kupang Smelting Hub Project.
Mineral processing specialist Outotec believes its DC (direct current) smelting technology offers a cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution for ferroalloy processing.
Should KWG find that alternative to smelting, a very different Northern Ontario industrial landscape would be possible.
Anglesey Aluminum Metals(AAM) launched a consultation on job cuts at their Holyhead plant in July as decommissioning of the former smelting works came to a close.
We are not going to restart the plant before we meet all standards for protection of the environment, officials from Metrudhem, the owner of the smelting plant in Veles, say.
This ancient settlement contains the oldest solidly dated evidence of copper making from 7,000 years ago, and suggests that copper smelting may have been invented in separate parts of Asia and Europe at that time, rather than spreading from one source.
This collection of the latest international work in the field of mineralogy deals with toxic remediation methods, environmental impacts, and new processes in smelting and metallization.
ALMOST 400 Anglesey Aluminium workers were waking up jobless today, after smelting operations at the plant came to an end.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-23 September 2009-Finnish Outotec to deliver EUR7m smelting technology in China(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
These Heidelberg/ Oxford studies were from the outset firmly rooted in the search for and exploration of ancient mines and smelting places and the study of artefacts, ores, slags and other archaeological debris to elucidate ancient methods of production.
The European Commission has confirmed that it sent a statement of objections to the aluminium giant Alcan on 21 February to outline its preliminary view that the company has infringed EC Treaty rules on abuse of a dominant position (Article 82) by tying its dominant aluminium smelting technology with handling equipment sold by Alcan's subsidiary ECL.
Alcoa has announced capital improvement projects totaling more than $100 million have been approved for the smelting and fabricating areas at its Tennessee operations.
A northumberland smelting plant has agreed a pounds 22,000 sponsorship deal with the county's newest tourist attraction.