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Synonyms for smelling

the act of perceiving the odor of something

(used with 'of' or 'with') noticeably odorous


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Since we are so busy smelling objects around us, we end up sniffing, and describing, people as well.
Most of the time we think we aren't smelling anything at all; we are, but not consciously.
In essence, it asks what larger sensory and cultural patterns or tropes might emerge in Faulkner's fiction if we pivot from the established study of scent as symbolic noun to a new examination of smelling as an active verb.
The interpretation of that is dependent on whether the person smelling has had experience in being able to detect and identify these changes.
London was named the worst smelling city in the country where people said car fumes, overflowing bins and public toilets.
WOMEN are better at smelling body odour than men, a survey has revealed.
4 : to sense as if by smelling <I smell trouble.
SMELLING IS BELIEVING Smells from Beijing's Tiananmen Square during the 1989 massacre and from the bombing of Hiroshima feature in the If There Ever Was exhibition at the Reg vardy Gallery in Sunderland.
They provide the fresh, zesty, clean smelling odours needed for washing powders.
It would be acceptable smelling it in the house but it shouldn't be a perfume.
in East Newhall where residents reported smelling natural gas, said Capt.
When counteractants are in use, instead of only smelling the unpleasant odor, people are exposed to two different compounds: the malodor and the chemical matched with it that changes how their noses sense it.
Participants were unaware what they were smelling until after the experiment.
Forty athletes performed a series of physical tasks under two conditions--without smelling peppermint odor and while smelling peppermint.