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Synonyms for smelling

the act of perceiving the odor of something

(used with 'of' or 'with') noticeably odorous


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I do not think if you see an image of a pizza that you can smell the pizza hot out of the oven, but it is certainly the case that vision sets off a context for what you will be smelling.
Some 86 per cent of Londoners wish other people living there would make more effort to keep the city smelling clean and fresh and banish bad smells including drains, body odour and cigarette smoke.
They provide the fresh, zesty, clean smelling odours needed for washing powders.
It would be acceptable smelling it in the house but it shouldn't be a perfume.
in East Newhall where residents reported smelling natural gas, said Capt.
Life's a Smelling Success, the latest book by neurologist and psychologist Alan Hirsch MD, details how certain smells affect memory.
When counteractants are in use, instead of only smelling the unpleasant odor, people are exposed to two different compounds: the malodor and the chemical matched with it that changes how their noses sense it.
Participants were unaware what they were smelling until after the experiment.
Forty athletes performed a series of physical tasks under two conditions--without smelling peppermint odor and while smelling peppermint.
If you start a backup, smelling oranges, and return to a room smelling of boiling cabbage, it won't take a wizard to realize something's wrong.
Scrunched down in her sweater, smelling her Momma smell, was like being wrapped in her arms.
The gypsy moth has smelling nerves on its antennae.
Nelson Kraus, Indianapolis, who suggests smelling crayons as a way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
Our sense of smell is so powerful that when you smell skunk, you are smelling 0.