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Summary: Berlin, Jumada II 11, 1432, May 14, 2011, SPA -- One of the world&'s largest - and smelliest - flowers began blossoming at Berlin&'s botanical gardens on Saturday, dpa quoted staff as confirming.
This is filth on a massive scale: the dirtiest tower block, foulest sewage system, highest skyscraper, biggest commercial airliner, largest oil rig, and smelliest fishing trawler.
Setting them up around the smelliest hole they could find, they plotted revenge.
Pity it's the same week that he's saddled with the world's smelliest dog.
Farmers can get the scoop on the poop in livestock feedlots with a new technique for mapping the smelliest and most manure-laden areas.
Among the hottest are scented bait, with lure manufacturers vying to produce the smelliest concoction.
Durian, or the king of fruits as it's called, might be one of the weirdest and smelliest fruits around.
Topics addressed such as boobs and babes, the smelliest customers, to the politically incorrect are sure to have you laughing.
A giant specimen of the world's biggest, smelliest flower has bloomed - and is drawing crowds despite its "rotting flesh" aroma.
Once I was on a train, and we were out in the middle of nowhere, and it started to smell like all the smelliest things you can imagine mixed up together.
How many of the rest of us would not have moaned that a bit more shelter than the world's smelliest sleeping bags might come in handy?
One cannot expect a story which juggles together a gingerbread man whose pockets are stuffed with money, Mr Gum who wears a couple of beetles and a photo of a shark in his beard and Monsieur Bellybutton, the smelliest man in the world, to produce a story which feels the need to explains itself as it goes along.
Widely considered to be the smelliest fruit in the world, durian production is worth 45m [pounds sterling] in Thailand.
The cell was the darkest and dirtiest and smelliest room I had ever been in.
While applauding Bob Welch's appreciation for the heroic mission entailed in consolidating refuse in the massive waste arena that is Short Mountain, Lane County's solid waste disposal site, his designation of "the pit" as Lane county's largest and smelliest compost pile suggests that some public education is in order.