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a thick, heavy atmospheric condition offering reduced visibility because of the presence of suspended particles

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Pagasa Weather Division Chief Esperanza Cayanan said the smaze affected the country from Oct.
Liboro explained that the smaze might return if there is another typhoon or major weather disturbance that will change the wind pattern.
This may have caused the smaze coming from peatland forest fires in Indonesia to drift over the Philippines," Malano said.
The presence of smaze had led to the cancellation of several domestic flights last over the past three days.
On Monday, Pagasa's chief climatologist Anthony Lucero said the change in the wind direction will help disperse the smaze, unless some of the smoke that have accumulated over the Pacific Ocean from weeks of forest fires may be blowing towards the country instead.
Pagasa is using the term smaze instead of smog (a combination of smoke and fog), saying that fog is more dense than haze.
The Department of Health yesterday said it was still verifying whether or not the deaths of two people in General Santos City from asthma attacks were linked to the smaze from Indonesian forest fires affecting certain parts of the country, from Mindanao to as far north as Bicol.
1 meter per second, which is moving very slow, the suspected smaze could still be experienced in the coming days.
Cebu City covered with smaze, October 24, 2015 (MB Photo/Juan Carlo de Vela)
But if there is still smaze, it may be from the smoke that is coming from the Pacific, he added.
He explained why Pagasa used the term smaze as against smog (combination of smoke and fog).
23, Pagasa said the thick smaze observed over Mindanao and the Palawan-Visayas islands came from the peatland forest fires in Indonesia.
Lando may have aggravated the situation, Pagasa noted, as the smaze from Indonesia peatland fires drifted over Mindanao and Palawan-Visayas area.
Thick smaze began to manifest late September particularly during occurrence of tropical cyclones in North Western Pacific areas, Pagasa said.
Pagasa advised the public to take appropriate precautionary actions to avoid hazards brought by this thick smaze.