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Synonyms for smattering



Synonyms for smattering

a small number or amount

a slight or superficial understanding of a subject

References in classic literature ?
Her parents had given her a smattering of the usual accomplishments, but here her superior instruction ended.
I soon learned that most of them had the merest smattering of the high-sounding things that they had studied.
By this time we had picked up a smattering of the bastard language in which our guards addressed us, as well as making good headway in the rather charming tongue of our co-captives.
He had a smattering of every tongue that is spoken upon the seas, and more than a few times had he sailed on English ships, so that he understood fairly well all that had passed between Schneider and Schmidt since he had stumbled upon them.
Tarzan, who, by this time, with the assistance of Abdul, had picked up quite a smattering of Arab, questioned one of the younger men who had accompanied the sheik while the latter paid his respects to Captain Gerard.
That my smattering of knowledge should enable me to short-cut my way to truth is most reassuring.
I," said Don Quixote, "have some little smattering of Italian, and I plume myself on singing some of Ariosto's stanzas; but tell me, senor- I do not say this to test your ability, but merely out of curiosity- have you ever met with the word pignatta in your book?
I found my smattering of German very useful here, indeed, I don't know how I should be able to get on without it.
But it's chafing and galling--it's-- it's worse than your smattering chattering magpie of a grandmother," to the imperturbable Judy, who only looks at the fire, "to know he has got what's wanted and won't give it up.
Among other things, I learned to dispense drugs for the surgeon, and picked up a smattering of his knowledge.
As their strength and their grandeur, so their navigation, commerce, and husbandry are very imperfect, compared to the same things in Europe; also, in their knowledge, their learning, and in their skill in the sciences, they are either very awkward or defective, though they have globes or spheres, and a smattering of the mathematics, and think they know more than all the world besides.
He had been educated in Edinburgh, the city of his birth, and in London; and had in one way and another picked up a smattering of anatomy, music, electricity, and telegraphy.
Selections such as John Edgar Wideman's My Soul Has Grown Deep: Classics of Early African American Literature (Running Press, September 2001) and The African-American Bookshelf: 50 Must-Reads From Before the Civil War Through Today (Citadel Press, February 2003) offer smatterings of writings that help develop that well-rounded literary core, Miller says.
Leavening the compositions are homely smatterings of paint that owe more to AbEx than anything we've yet seen from this artist.
There are smatterings of 'naughty language' on the site but if you concentrate on the graphics you won't be disappointed.