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one lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit

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As his friend William Derham recalled: "to avoid being baited by little Smatterers in Mathematicks, [Newton] has told me, he designedly made his Principia abtruse.
1999) (noting that General Gage reports that "all the people in his government are lawyers, or smatterers in law: and that in Boston they have been enabled, by successful chicane, wholly to evade many parts of one of your penal capital constitutions.
There are a class of botanists of the mechanical sort, who are to science what the patent-note singing books are to music--mechanical, soulless anatomists of parts, and dictionary-like vocabularies of technology, who perceive no laws, conceive of no causes nor forces not laid down in the text-books: mere shallow smatterers and quacks, who look at a plant as they would at a new chimney, to see how it is built, and when its external structure is discovered, and its habitat indicated by a vegetable directory, and its name and lineage discovered in unintelligible Anglo-Graeco-Latin, are satisfied, especially if its chemical qualities recommend it to the cook or the physician.
Newton has boasted privately to a friend that he has deliberately made the Principia as unreadable as possible "to avoid being bated by little smatterers in mathematics.
We live at a time when contemporary publicists and smatterers dominate the scene and dictate opinion and policy--when, too, equalitarian attitudes and dispositions have an imperial sway, and moral and intellectual perspectives are fluid and expedient.