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Synonyms for smashup

an abrupt disastrous failure

a wrecking of a vehicle

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The four-vehicle smashup involved a truck, a pick-up and two school buses on Al Raha Beach road, about 35 kilometres away from the Abu Dhabi city.
While dusty aftermaths of suspected asteroid collisions have been observed by Spitzer before, this is the first time scientists have collected data before and after a planetary system smashup.
By skipping the tournament, Woods will escape having to face TV cameras and a horde of media seeking more details about the smashup.
We need to be receiving much more precise data in order to prevent further collisions," ESA's Jean-Francois Kaufeler said Monday in reference to last week's satellite smashup.
But in the world of high-energy physics, instigating a violent smashup with lots of debris spraying out is exactly what researchers want.
When protons collide, subatomic wreckage from the smashup will fly into the detectors, leaving a calling-card trace of their identity.
Tonight, the group investigates a catastrophic train-auto smashup that killed both a U.
If a customer has a smashup, he can call us and get a replacement within a couple of days.
Lawson also wrote several movie scripts, including Action in the North Atlantic (1943), Sahara (1943), and Smashup (1947).
Two people were killed while four others were wounded when a wayward passenger bus triggered a four-vehicle smashup late Monday afternoon along the national highway here, police reported.
In the days and weeks following the smashup, other forms of light, or electromagnetic radiation including X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, and radio waves were detected.
Summary: Two-vehicle smashup on Martyr's Road triggers truck fire; woman used her abaya to put out flames from clothes of driver who jumped from burning cabin
The smashup left its imprint in light emitted in the aftermath, which the team analyzed to study the properties of the collision.
That smashup caused a 200-kilometer asteroid to break up, scattering large chunks of rock, some of which later crossed Earth's orbit.
According to a report in National Geographic News, if these suspicions are confirmed, the object would represent the first time astronomers have witnessed the immediate aftermath of such a cosmic smashup.