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a serious collision (especially of motor vehicles)

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Gardai said it was a miracle no one died in yesterday's smash-ups on the busy N24 Limerick-Tipperary road.
DAREDEVIL stunts and monster truck smash-ups brought some adrenalin-fuelled family fun to Tyneside.
There were a total of 547 crashes involving gardai last year and the smash-ups are costing the taxpayer millions in compensation payouts.
Ilicit drug testing and mountain-road smash-ups are just what the doctor ordered in "The New Protocol," a kinetic new thriller from writer-director Thomas Vincent, who helmed the Hitchcockian "The Trap" (2004).
In addition to all manner of skateboard and BMX smash-ups, star Johnny Knoxville takes on a bull while blindfolded, while one pal gets branded and another puts a fishing hook through his cheek and uses himself as chum for sharks.
After years of potentially deadly smash-ups, a redesigned track keeps drivers in the race.
In one of the first measurements of smash-ups between dwarf and massive galaxies in the distant universe, Lotz's team found these mergers happened three times more often than encounters between two hefty galaxies.
Along similar lines, if you looked at the number of accidents on the M1, two days featuring identical weather and the same volume of traffic will come up with vastly differing tallies of smash-ups.
You do not care about the people in the big Hollywood car smash-ups but you care about these people," he said.
When Jack phones Cutler to announce that he's parking the truck and taking a hike, his boss retaliates by taking Jack's wife and child as hostages, forcing our hero to steel his resolve and put the pedal to the metal after a few more highly smash-ups, the plot is neatly resolved with a predictable shootout aboard a cargo ship But just to make sure that ticket buyers get their money's worth, Hooks tacks on a climatic encounter with a hard-to-kill villain.
But even with a 40 percent reduction in drunk driving deaths over the past 15 years, as well as tougher drunk driving laws, there still were 16,500 people killed in alcohol-related smash-ups in 1994.
By building on the huge, multi-car smash-ups and fast action racing with larger and varying race environments, a reward system including numerous production vehicles and unique play modes, we have delivered an all-new demolition racing experience.