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Densely populated stands with mixtures of various shades of green and brown, however, had similar reflectance to that of alligator-weed, arrowhead, and smartweed.
Regardless of where you live, there are two key variables to look for: ample, brushy cover and timber--which lends the birds a sense of security and provides resting spots to preen--and good food sources such as acorns or smartweed.
Hickman; Water Smartweed, Long-Root Smartweed; NW corner of central field; Rare, one small colony; C = 4; BSUH 17638.
91 (22) scandens) Pennsylvania smartweed (Polygonum 0.
Pink smartweed keeps blossoming, and catchweed flowers again.
Especially difficult weeds controlled with Roundup Ready corn system include: hemp dogbane, giant ragweed, johnsongrass, milkweed, sandbur, shattercane, swamp smartweed, Canada thistle, tall waterhemp, wild proso millet, wirestem muhly, woolly cupgrass and others.
Most small-seeded broadleaf species in the study (common lambsquarters, common ragweed, black nightshade, pigweed, smartweed, and wild mustard) again emerged less after tilling during darkness.
Instead of water, cattails, and smartweed, he saw pavement, mini vans and dumpy housewives dragging their whiny, snot-nosed kids.
Gray; DockLeaved Smartweed, Curly-Top Knotweed, Heart's-Ease; Floodplain forest along river; Infrequent; C = 0; BSUH 16799.
The individual was taken in dense roadside grasses (native and non-native) with rose and smartweed.
Water milfoil and algae are also on their list, and they will seek out seeds of pondweed, smartweed, bulrush and spike rush.
Smartweed produces abundant black seeds that ducks revere and cattle ignore.
and smartweed (Polygonum densiflorum--Fleetwood, 1973).