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com/), the tour features Andy Kindler, Marc Maron and Eugene Mirman, three irreverent, smart-alecky, comedians known for having points of view.
The 14-year-old boy responded in a typical teenage smart-alecky way, referring to the officer as "dude"--which skaters, like surfers, happen to call everybody--saying that he had not heard the officer.
THE time commitment to watch even a majority of the films nominated by the Oscar gang is staggering, but that doesn't mean you can't sound erudite and even smart-alecky when watching the show with your friends.
No, my grandmother is not a terrorist, you probably informed the officer, and he replied in his smart-alecky way, "What does a terrorist look like, sir?
Still, better to get softheaded in Big Sur than smart-alecky in the Mary McCarthy set.
Kyle's cynical, smart-alecky tone and humorous predicaments will draw readers in, along with the amusing juxtaposition of the perky title and the frowny face icon on the cover, but this funny tale by the author of The Hero of Ticonderoga, Saving the Planet & Stuff, and A Year with Butch and Spike also subtly conveys some good advice.
Critics of his book have said that it is cheeky, smart-alecky and, well, irreverent, it is The Daily Show's "This Week in God" with a doctorate from Stanford.
In a nutshell: Stylish and smart-alecky funny; Bourdain is an engaging host, and his series is a most clever fusion of food and travel shows that manages to transcend both genres.
Thanks to Thompson/Centers' smart-alecky comments regarding my shooting prowess, or lack thereof, I wish I could find something on the G-2 Contender to complain about--just to get even--but darn it, I can't
He was a 25-year-old, smart-alecky writer for the New Republic when he was caught making up facts; after he was fired in 1998, the magazine investigated and concluded there were "substantial" fabrications in more than four-fifths of his stories, and Glass became the subject of an intense if short-lived media frenzy.
The sailor's smart-alecky reply was something like, "No, not really.
Mimesis may be the origin of art, but in a world dominated by non-mimetic fashions - expressionist, conceptual, ironic - trompe-l'ceil seems little more than an outmoded party piece, a smart-alecky jape.
Their idea of exposing themselves to public interrogation was to go into a studio, listen to questions from a smart-alecky interviewer on an ego trip and then talk about something completely different.
Treile's Princess is sometimes likened to the Little Prince of Saint-Exupery, the smart-alecky observer who, with his naive view, sees what experienced adults fail to notice.
Either the smart-alecky kid goes home with the policeman, or he takes off for home in high gear, not bothering to look back and wag his tongue at the pursuers.