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The smart set insisted that a common immigration policy would be an unalloyed economic boon while dismissing any concerns about possible social or economic upheavals.
The Smart Set, a Magazine of Cleverness ran from 1900 to 1924, implicitly catering to a leisure-class readership and tending to speak to their tastes: Witticisms abound--about divorce, fashion, and fortunes acquired or lost.
JOIN Thailand's smart set at this glamorous beach pad - all 59 rooms are fashionably minimalist.
And Renault has recognised this with an impressive polish-up of its Megane Coupe-Cabriolet design which now has that extra dash of style to pluck at the purse strings of the smart set.
Mencken's (1880-1956) writings, with a focus on his magazine and newspaper articles for publications such as Smart Set and American Mercury, and editorials for the Baltimore Sun and other papers.
GREG BEATO, a contributing editor to Reason, in The Smart Set (Jan.
Icon of the gay smart set Nina Simone, who died in France five years ago, would have turned 75 today.
BRYAN SMART set the early pace after racing in Doncaster last night at the concluding session of the St Leger Festival Sale when spending 32,000gns on a son of Bertolini, sire of his smart sprinter Moorhouse Lad.
SCHOOL SCOPE You're likely to make new friends at school this year, and they'll probably be part of the smart set.
Craig Smart set the ball rolling for Montrose in 16 minutes with a cool finish and Martin Wood made it two with 20 minutes left.
Largely for financial reasons, Wright went from distinction-granting (and distinction-withholding) editor of the Smart Set, where he was notable for his cultural snobbery, to creator of a lucrative series of mass-market novels featuring amateur detective Philo Vance.
Katey is expected to join the smart set of American teenagers who are the Millers' neighbors at the exclusive Oceans Hotel.
Mencken consolidated his talents as critic and tastemaker and put them on a national stage when he migrated from newspapers to magazines, first The Smart Set and later The American Mercury.
SOUNDTRACK, ``24 Hour Party People'': Smart set of Brit post-punk starring Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays.
Smart set payphones report their own service-affecting conditions and coin collection needs through the use of microcomputer-controlled, electronic technology.
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