smart card

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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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Instead, they will have one smart card that can used for everything.
The cards require special smart card readers to work, and once users insert them into these readers, the readers capture and store information pertinent to the transaction in question.
market is plagued with customer and vendor misconceptions about the cost-benefits and unbreakable security technologies inherent in smart card designs.
For forward-thinking molders, the good news about smart cards is that an increasing number of them will be injection molded from ABS, as opposed to the laminated PVC sheet that currently dominates plastic card manufacturing.
To date, no one has reported a successful fault-based attack on an actual cryptographic device or smart card.
A hybrid optical memory and integrated-chip smart card has recently been developed that offers the best of both features.
By teaming up with the world's leader in smart card solutions, we have developed a product that will become the platform of choice for 32-bit smart cards," said Brian Knowles, vice president of marketing for MIPS Technologies.
The implementation of Hitachi smart card technology will focus on three specific markets.