smart bomb

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a bomb that can be guided (by a laser beam or radio) to its target

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For us, player safety and privacy come before anything else," said Joi Podgorny, director of community engagement, Smart Bomb Interactive.
That was the day nine of the Air Force's most sophisticated strike aircraft, armed with the best smart bombs, tried to kill Muammar Qaddafi as part of the Libya raid.
The precision tools of the Qassed-3 smart bomb and its operational range have been extended to hit targets precisely," Deputy Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said on Thursday.
The KVH IMU measures motion and acceleration precisely in three dimensions, critical for the navigation of a torpedo or smart bomb.
General Dynamics Smart Bomb Thrill Cruise: Be shot from the deck of a U.
A 2,000lb smart bomb dropped by a B-52 "went astray" and hit US and Northern Alliance troops north of Kandahar.
Tech to manufacture and test assemblies and components of BRU-57 Smart Bomb Racks for installation on U.
The BRU-57 Smart Bomb Rack increases the Falcon's mission effectiveness by doubling the aircraft's smart munitions load-carrying capability.
During the war, Pentagon briefers treated the public to videotapes showing a smart bomb diving down the air shaft of a Baghdad building and told anecdotes about the extraordinary accuracy of Tomahawk missiles launched from afar.
7 million four-year production contract to manufacture test and production units of BRU-57 Smart Bomb Racks for the U.
Technologies, DRS Technologies and EDO Corporation, has been awarded a $26 million five-year production contract to manufacture test and production units of BRU-57 Smart Bomb Racks for the U.
Present-day surgical strikes and smart bombs owe a lot to the raid on the dams.
Iran says it is more advanced than its Russian predecessor and is designed to confront fighter jets, cruise missiles, smart bombs, helicopters and drones.
Instead, they are people being used by other people to reach specific goals --just like we use smart bombs or other types of technology to reach our goals.
But smart bombs are no more accurate than the intelligence used to program them and pilots flying at high speeds can only avoid civilians they know about.