smart bomb

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a bomb that can be guided (by a laser beam or radio) to its target

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A smart bomb, also known guided bomb is a precision-guided munition designed to achieve a smaller Circular error probable (CEP).
FACTORY Raytheon's factory in Glenrothes, Fife, makes laser-guidance systems for so-called smart bombs
For us, player safety and privacy come before anything else," said Joi Podgorny, director of community engagement, Smart Bomb Interactive.
For more information on Smart Bomb Interactive, please visit www.
The other producers of smart bombs in the world are the US, Israel and Russia.
WITH AMERICAN SPECIAL forces calculating smart bomb coordinates overseas and legions of students, seniors, and sociology graduates preparing to secure the home front in the USA Freedom Corps, commentators are hailing the return of big government as a glorious ideal.
Was it an error, or did the smart bomb know that passenger airplanes are enemy weapons now?
But yesterday the Pentagon confirmed the 2,000lb Smart bomb, aimed at a helicopter, had strayed.
Against Qaddafi, the Air Force employed another kind of smart bomb, one with laser seekers.
The Air Force has been using Qassed (Messenger) smart bomb for a long time and its new versions are being developed now to increase its precision capability," Nasirzadeh told FNA on Monday.
The aim now is to combine the aptamer with the 'bomb' (a microscopic fat particle) that can carry anti-cancer drugs or diagnostic imaging agents directly to the cancer stem cells, creating the ultimate medical smart bomb," he said.
Last night, the Israeli government distanced itself from responsibility for unleashing the one-ton smart bomb on an apartment block.
The aim of our research is to develop a smart bomb that can penetrate the cell and release the drugs within the cells, rather than from the outside, and kills the whole tumour, root and all," he added.
The test flights are leading up to a planned drop this month of a small smart bomb, guided by global positioning satellite, at China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center.
During World War II, Dryden led the development of the BAT missile, a bomb that could be steered by radio control - a sort of smart bomb for the 1940s.