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excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm

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It was smarming up the customer in a parody of the usual 'because you're worth it' approach.
Sparrow is back on the attack again, railing against the "cosy dinner party tactics" employed by organisations like Birmingham Forward who mistakenly believe they can get what they want by smarming up to Whitby.
Three years ago, Robbie Williams was a cheeky chappie, smarming about in a tux and bristling with youthful energy.
Are we supposed to believe that the spiky-haired chef who for years has been smarming and smiling across our screens like the nation's Mr Nice Guy is really this screaming Son of Satan who stamps his feet, screams and generally treats people like dog dirt?
It's the Overpaid Bonehead Chiselling Twisting Writhing Smarming Executive's Prize For Being Caught On Film Chatting Up Sven Goran Eriksson And Then Lying About It.
POST-MENOPAUSAL women will be getting very excited tonight because swinging Sixties superstar Adam Faith will be smarming his way onto our screens once again.
Tom Watt was also brilliant by comparison, with a background knowledge of the lower divisions that involved more than simply looking to see how any particular club has got on that day and smarming patronisingly, along the lines of being "sure it'll come right for you and thank you for making your point so eloquently.