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Synonyms for smarminess

smug self-serving earnestness

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Reynolds waylays his natural smarminess and vanity to play a young, fat and oft humiliated high school kid in flashback in this decent little comedy.
pics as "The Fugitive," and again exudes the spirit of corporate smarminess.
If you are anything like a normal human being you will so infuriated by this smarminess that when the torment comes to an end you will not have taken in one word about the weather.
His unctuous mannerisms, smarminess and shameless publicity stunts suggest a cross between a trendy Anglican vicar, a head teacher at a school hovering on the brink of special measures and a Blue Peter presenter.
Presenter Trevor McDonald plumbed new depths of obsequiousness, prostrating himself before the birthday boy in a way that would have embarrassed even His Royal Smarminess Sir Alastair Burnet, ITN's previous Forelock-Tugging- Creep- In-Chief.
A clearly troubled youth who nonetheless radiates innocence like Vail emits smarminess, Stampler is a mesmerizing study in beguiling surfaces and roiling secrets.
I will not otherwise spoil the surprises of the plot, except to praise the drollery of Anthony Heald in the role of Benedict Hough, a private eye of consummate smarminess, and to chortle at the mugging of Jake Weber, who plays five Italian brothers (though not simultaneously).
Avoiding the usual smarminess, his take on "Grand Knowing You" is marked by dapper vaudevillian flair.
He is one of those effortlessly talented men, like Des Lynam, who takes lavish praise from peers and public in his stride, and maintains a street cred in a profession where smarminess and success go hand-in-hand.
Colin is a monster of positive thinking and smarminess and bullies his old chums into exhuming the delusions of their youth, until one of them finally cracks.
Still, Cain deftly mimics the smarminess that came across in Peterson's ABC interview while protesting his innocence to the composite couple that he and Laci befriended, as well as to the composite detectives investigating the case.
He is also free of the smarminess of those politicians who see illicit sex as a perk.
There is a smarminess about The Washington Post'ssecond-woman story that has not been penetrated.
But without Pullman's gift for utter sincerity and, yes, soul, the daring journey of Albee's play could well get derailed into smarminess or shtick or (the worst-case scenario) seeming foolishness.
Solicitous to the point of smarminess, Loretta and Henri tell their live-in employee that she's "one of the family," yet seem to go out of their way to encourage the townsfolk to disapprove of the accommodating young lady.