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excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm

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Some things are best left as they are," he smarmed, before immediately contradicting himself by adding: "There will be one significant change, for the first time we'll have commentary on every Premiership game, doing justice to every match.
Back benchers were summoned to No 10 to be smarmed over or bullied.
Tricky Dicky was questioned by police about the disappearance of his ex-wife Patricia (the one he walloped with a spade and who's currently buried under his luxury flats) but he smarmed his way out of it.
She has found the right words for times of grief and crisis," smarmed the fawning Mr Marr.
The nation squirmed with embarrassment at the scene in St Petersburg, when Tony Blair smarmed up to the US president and offered to do his dirty work in the Middle East.
It's clear from last week's debate the country wants change," smarmed underperformer David Cameron.
When I bought my oven a year ago, the salesman smarmed his way around me and processed my bill in a trice.
At most they will have seen the ads once, probably in an ad agency's office, while sipping champagne and being smarmed over by roll-neck-wearing trendies and sneaking furtive glances at their watches so as not to miss their flight back to Milan.
I'm a novice and I don't have the benefit of training like the others have," he smarmed, "but I feel I am on equal terms.
The dangers of not listening were spelt out on Thursday night in England where Labour took their worst beating since Tony Blair took over in the local elections while Ken Livingstone smarmed in as Mayor of London.
You are totally and utterly adorable," smarmed Simon, predictably.
The kind of investment being talked about will give Chelsea a good run out in the Champions League," smarmed the former Fulham fan.
Think of it as a family holiday," Richard smarmed - obviously meaning scuba diving.
Thank you for having me," smarmed Barlow as he slithered off Martha's boat for the final time.
He has decided, following the demise of St Peter Mandelson, that the awful national press whom he smarmed and spun to get his 170-seat majority now only report on "gossip and trivia".