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Synonyms for smarm

excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm

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Verdict: The Hoax is blessed with compelling performances from Gere, all charm and smarm, and Molina.
He is revolted by the slavish way we smarm up to English tourists by restoring Dylan's boathouse or wearing pointy black hats.
Indeed, the smarm attack undoubtedly started the moment Prime Minister Tony Blair, right, personally phoned IOC president Jacques Rogge to inform him of the decision last week.
Gold's smarm helps make the game fun, but so do 25 levels and lots of little extras.
She radiates goodness without sentimentality or smarm in a prestige pic - filmed in Wales
So while Carrie has a life, and an eventful one - her on-off relationship with a sometimes married smarm machine know only as Big - she is often left to commentate in the background while her friends star.
The smarm offensive was so effective that Damilola's parents, Richard and Gloria, didn't even notice that the loss of their son had anything to do with the neglect of an incompetent and cynical Government.
Should help gather a few smarm points for my lacklustre political career.
Gex Enter the Gecko (Crave): This game is cute enough and relatively well-done, though it lacks the gleeful smarm and mocking media sendups that made Gex our favorite Hollywood lounge lizard on other platforms.
SMARM OFFENSIVE: Claudia let slip secret over Lewis
I'M not a bad man," insisted emmerdale smarm Mark Wilde after he was exposed as the adulterous bigamist who secretly fathered cry-baby Ryan.
Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden have been despatched on a major smarm offensive to convince us and, crucially the Americans, that they do, that she's so much more to them than a tin of beans.
Who needs professional ability when you can smarm your way to success via the hearts of beautiful and wealthy women?
But isn't there something nauseating about the way we always smarm up to them?
Someone who has done little of note other than have a mediocre career in management consultancy and PR, smarm his way into a safe Tory seat and support his Oxford chum David Cameron when he stood for Tory leader.