smallpox virus

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the virus that causes smallpox in humans

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Parker was working on the floor above a lab in the University of Birmingham Medical School, which had been conducting experiments on variants of the smallpox virus.
In a dark irony, however, eradication created a new vulnerability with respect to the potential use of the smallpox virus as a biological weapon.
What's most disturbing to me is that people who are vaccinated then carry the smallpox virus and can transmit it to others.
Cowpox virus was useful because it enabled smallpox virus to be tackled.
In order to further the progress towards finding a cure for smallpox virus, we have expressed and purified A20, and essential protein found in the processivity factor of smallpox virus and examined its interaction with Uracil-DNA glycolylase (UDG), another essential protein found in the processivity factor.
From the journals of the British in the First Fleet it is clear that they died from a smallpox virus, for the people of the First Fleet knew smallpox when they saw it.
A modified relative of the smallpox virus has shown promise in fighting liver cancer, according to two recent research reports.
SciTech21-18 October 2006-SIGA Technologies SIGA-246 Blocks Smallpox Virus in CDC Trial(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
TOKYO - Thirty-one percent of public health centers nationwide do not have special working teams to deal with bioterrorism using the smallpox virus, and 26 percent do not have guidelines to counter such incidents, a government survey showed Tuesday.
Contributing to the value of the work is a cover photo of a statue of Columbus and myriad drawings, maps, and illustrations, including a match light rifle, native enslavement, smallpox virus, and shipworm.
Stewart said: "There will be some disturbing images used, particularly in the episode that deals with the smallpox virus.
Other pathogenic microorganisms that can be used for bioterrorism include smallpox virus, plague bacteria, and botulinus toxin.
Americans often reached adulthood without coming in contact with the smallpox virus.
On December 13, 2002, in response to growing concern that a terrorist or hostile regime might have access to the smallpox virus and attempt to use it against the American people, the President announced the formation of the National Smallpox Vaccination Program.
Like the smallpox virus and anthrax bacterium, Ebola virus is a potential bioterrorism agent.