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Synonyms for smallish

notably below average in amount, size, or scope

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rather small

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Apart from the super-striking 1 D and 2 O, which should make mega money, for a lot less you could have DOT 1Y, reserved at pounds 700, F1 BBS at pounds 1,000, LUK 1Y at pounds 1,000, PEG 1T at pounds 700, OLD 800T at pounds 350 or TOO 81G at a smallish pounds 500.
In a smallish town like this, shops selling chips need to open at lunchtime to stay in business.
Finnish food group HKScan Oyj (OMX Helsinki:HKSAV) said on Thursday (9 October) that Scan AB, the company responsible for the HKScan Group's business in Sweden, is acquiring a 35% interest in Bertil Erikssons Slakteri AB, a smallish slaughterhouse in the central Swedish town of Krylbo.
With six boats out daily anglers are enjoying great sport with loads of smallish pike and the odd specimen.
Choose a smallish one with something sweetly sentimental about it, like this charmer we found at Roger's Gardens ($9.
Enlightened governments make smallish noises and negotiate smallish treaties; enlightened people look down on America for its blind piggishness.
Finally, a trip to the Cape wouldn't be complete without watching the whales, most commonly humpbacks but also large finbacks, smallish minkes and even endangered right whales (which are not approachable).
And it doesn't help that the baby smells, the weather is awful, and he had to ride on a smallish magic cushion instead of a nice and roomy flying carpet.
There are no single supplements on any holiday and most of the featured destinations ( in Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Lanzarote, Egypt and India ( are in smallish hotels in less well known resorts.
Sometimes there's just one large owl on her smallish white canvases, but more often there's a large group of them, containing a dozen to forty or more members.
The smallish (5-ounce) bar is made of sugar, peanut butter, milk chocolate, eggs, heavy whipping cream, white flour, cocoa butter, milk fat, and margarine, among other things.
Dropped from afar, the bunker buster allegedly drills toward its underground target where its smallish nuclear warhead detonates with devastating effect on the enemy below the surface.
Soon we were gliding through some smallish class II rapids (what Grady called riffles in the water).
A short, old iron fence now surrounds the park--a space the size of a smallish studio apartment--while two benches provide seating, and a bronze plaque at the entrance alerts particularly observant pedestrians to the fact that they are walking by the Sonny Bono Memorial Park.
What differentiates the smallish Core Logic, its executives say, is that it understands exactly what customers want from a video-ready 3G phone or a camera phone.