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having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

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Phil Messina, city administrator of Central Point and president of the Oregon City and County Managers Association, said many members of his organization fear the new law will complicate the already difficult task of finding enough small-town residents to serve in unpaid and sometimes thankless posts.
Town administrator Gary Cinnamon and public works director Scott Daniels approach the problems of small-town government with professionalism and creativity.
9% of all physicians were located in rural areas and small-town Canada, where just over one-fifth of the population lives.
She settled in Burbank six years ago because she was attracted to its small-town charm, a place where she and her husband could raise their 3 1/2-year-old twins.
Schools Superintendent David Baird says despite its small-town charms, "This is not Mayberry RED.
For one thing, author Scott Dickson was born in the state, had small-town roots, and returned to them to research small towns within North Carolina.
These individuals were looking for a candidate who shared their internationalist outlook, but whose biography and personality would appeal to the party's small-town base and to voters at large.
So it is easy to see why one of the main goals for the annual report was to put the company on the map --while many of its small-town locations, quite literally, are not.
Now in an updated and expanded second edition, Small-Town Restaurants In Virginia by regional writer Joanne M.
By emphasizing patterns--of settlement, institution-building, family life--he identifies three areas of fundamental difference between the small-town Jewish experience and the urban: occupation, community-building, and Jewish self-definition.
Tourists even lap it up, not even knowing the players but recognizing universal small-town characters and situations.
Thanks to the courage of local entrepreneurs, Tyrone, Pennsylvania, is an inspiring example of small-town America fighting against the blowback of deliberately engineered globalization.
To read this book is to gain insights into the nature of small-town life in Victorian Canada.
In the summer of 1947, in small-town Gillford, South Carolina, 14-year-old Afton is still mourning the wartime death of her beloved older brother.