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Synonyms for small-time



Synonyms for small-time

of minor importance

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The decision to stay at Anfield was small-time and mid-table.
It's a world of stoop-shouldered small-time salesmen, all-night cafeterias, and elevated subway lines.
Strikingly lit by David Ferri, permeated with the atmosphere of Philip Glass's coolly propulsive Saxophone Quartet, these small-time punks and their careworn parents are protagonists of an epic of the ordinary.
For example, the author discusses Carlos RivasLederer's contact with a small-time marijuana dealer, George Jung, in a federal prison in Connecticut.
In his well-written piece, Plotz explains how a small group of Palmetto state lobbyists, politicians, and machine owners transformed a small-time illegal gambling business into a multi-billion-dollar legal one.
And many small-time musicians who can't get big-time recording contracts are giving away--as loss-leaders--MP3 versions of what they previously would have put on "demo" tapes, in hopes of getting gigs and/or selling their own CDs.
A teen relationship soured by narcotics leads to a violent death; the proceeds from some small-time drug deals turn up missing; a fast-food stand is robbed; a single mother decides to move her family from Los Angeles to Atlanta; and a young woman preparing for college takes an orientation trip to the University of California, Santa Cruz.
There, Gradnik encounters a cast of seamy characters which includes his neighbor Gumbo, a small-time schemer; Louisa Dmitrievna Kordachova, a native of Kentucky who longs with the sentimentality of an expatriate for her ancestral Ukraine, even though she has never visited there; Peter Diamond, a best-selling author of a less-than-literary book called "Cycling New Orleans"; Irene Anderson, Diamond's fiance and the eventual object of Gradnik's desperate affections; Professor Fred Blaumann, Gradnik's colleague who is writing a book on melancholy; and a cockroach named Gregor Samsa, whose affinity with Gregor Gradnik seems to go deeper than merely the shared heritage of a famous first name.
Small-time LSD dealers like Joe Deadhead were going to prison for five- and 10-year stretches without parole.
HOUSTON -- For more than 100 million small-time lenders, it's payback time
4 billion a year if we allow small-time drug addicts to make plea bargains because that's 80,000 inmates times P50 a day (for their food) times 365 days a year.
Soon after Maggie's death Stephen Jackson, a small-time dealer and addict, is killed in an explosion in his home.
My mates are all small-time punters, but why should we have any confidence in the sport after the dawn raids, arrests and allegations of massive corruption?
Another REIT specialist, Gilbert Menna, co-chair of the real estate capital markets practice at Goodwin Procter LLP, thinks the IRS' ruling is a small-time victory for the industry.
It's understood the small-time criminal was shot on the orders of a northside gangster with connections to the horse trade.