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Synonyms for small-scale

created or drawn on a small scale

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limited in size or scope

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In November last year, the Department of Finance (DOF) reduced the creditable withholding tax on gold sales from 5 to 1 percent to lure small-scale miners back to transacting with the BSP.
Earlier, Cimatu led the blasting of 18 mine tunnels at Sitio Basa, Camp 4 in Tuba, Benguet as part of the campaign against illegal small-scale mining operations in the area.
When the small-scale miners resumed business transactions on gold with BSP, the BIR started again collecting the withholding tax after having zero collection for more than six years when there was zero sales of gold to the BSP.
The quantum of resources that needs to be made available to the small-scale fishing co-operatives will be determined by species habitat and will be announced soon.
He said that Small-Scale Fisheries by the support of FAO to achieve the desired results.
He said that the forum also agreed on establishing a fund for support to small-scale industries in all the African and Asian countries and the training of cadres.
They consequently press for a new balance to be struck in the CFP, giving greater account to the interests of small-scale and coastal operators.
Mining practices of small-scale miners are mostly open-cast or quarrying operations.
The project, will is to benefit 500 small-scale fishermen operating on 169 small boats, is intended to improve the living and working conditions of this social segment.
Gold amalgamation is popular among small-scale goldminers because it efficiently extracts fine gold particles from the mining concentrates and the equipment is inexpensive.
Well, my fellow small-scale producers, policy makers in Washington, D.
Small-scale miners are regularly driven to dig the earth due to economic pressures and an elusive promise of treasures.
The carefully engineered, air-operated ADT-A Air Servo functions as an ideal partner for small-scale testing requirements, such as fatigue/endurance, specification, and research and development parts testing, according to the company.
Taken together, these small-scale studies, which yield positive results more easily than large-scale investigations do, show a small but significant tendency for pre-designated 1s or 0s to appear.