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personal items conforming to regulations that are sold aboard ship or at a naval base and charged to the person's pay

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Scott Winchester of Blue Rhino, a propane gas supplier for 2,900 Walmarts, loves the small store.
Walmart noted this year that its small stores have continued to generate comparable-store sales and traffic growth on a quarterly basis.
The company added that small stores are continuing to generate comparable-store sales and traffic increases, with Neighborhood Market stores growing 4% for fiscal 2014.
Armed with a plan to significantly accelerate small stores in more than 300 locations during the present fiscal year (which has since been expanded from last October's forecast of 120) alongside 115 planned new supercenters, execs from the Bentonville, Ark.
Small stores were shown to have achieved further growth year-on-year compared to large stores, with the amount being spent in small stores up 4.
There are small stores run by Tesco and other supermarkets around Huddersfield.
About 50 per cent of them were very small stores that shut down owing to space and financial constraints in implementing the new standards while the remaining are under renovation, they said.
Big stores are attractive, make a big splash, and have more SKUs than small stores.
These include restaurants, small stores and construction companies.
Pizza Hut has installed three small stores in Shell gas stations.
RETAILING giants such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are to dish out top business advice to small stores in Birmingham city centre in a bid to promote Brum as the shopping capital of Britain.
In the provisional findings in its groceries inquiry, published on 31 October, the commission said the data it examined had not provided sufficient evidence that numbers of small stores were falling in the face of competition from big supermarkets.
A gang member who went by the name ``Chato,'' Garcia had a record of dealing methamphetamines and was known to hold down odd jobs in his country, working in small stores and on ranches.
WITH supermarket chains virtually taking over, our small stores are systematically being wiped out.
Buying at some giant franchised store that treats employees badly and that forces small stores out of business.