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a ship that is small

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But there's also been a boom in small ships, river cruises and what's known as expedition cruising on ships designed to sail in places like the polar regions.
Our small ships provide exclusive access to destinations unavailable to large ships, such as transiting the Corinth Canal or probing the Amazon.
Our team constantly seeks out new experiences, lesser known ports and harbors everywhere we sail hidden treasures that only true small ships can access.
A small ship cruise is as individual as you are - let Barrhead Travel's luxury travel specialists help you choose a cruise less ordinary for your next escape.
Both Braemar and Black Watch were named in the top five 'Best Small Ships Overall', being rated number four and number five respectively.
Boston-based small ship and river cruising firm Grand Circle Cruise Line said it is offering free roundtrip international air from 22 US gateway cities on three fall 2013 departures of its 16-day Russia Revealed: Moscow to St Petersburg River Cruise.
TWELVE DESPERATE MILES: THE EPIC WWII VOYAGE OF THE SS CONTESSA outlines one of the major events of World War II and provides military buffs with a fine story of the importance of the Contessa, a small ship that proved to be the only ship capable of sailing up a shallow Moroccan river.
In the small ship class, the Seabourn Odyssey was best overall and for cabins, fitness, public rooms and service.
Theatre 3 features Adventure Cruise, with a focus on small ship cruising, exotic destinations and specialist cruise operators, it's where you will find inspiration for voyages to remote parts of the world - sometimes to places only accessible by ship.
Thus, out of the 300 activists and dozen ships that made up the Freedom Flotilla II only ten activists and one small ship is left.
Then best be an early bird, advises small ship cruise expert AdventureSmith Explorations www.
Public broadcaster NHK said on Tuesday the tanker's radar detected a small ship that made suspicious movements near it at the time of the incident, and that the Transport Ministry believed there was a possibility that ship launched an attack.
It tells of Arctic mutiny and murder and narrows the focus to the final voyage he made on his small ship.
ATTICUS is the captain of a small ship in Rome's coastal fleet during the first Punic War that starts in 264 BC.
General Tours World Traveler is offering four small ship journeys featuring the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010.
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